Monday, March 16, 2015

This Week's Menu

Happy Monday!  I'm still playing around with doing a little more planning with the menu for the goes!

For breakfasts this week I'm going to have some boiled eggs and bacon ready to eat.  I want to try a new muffin recipe too, for peanut butter muffins.  I think they would be really good with strawberry jam.  We also have yogurt, fruit and granola, as well as oatmeal that I can cook up quickly.  I am not planning each day, just wanting to have some things on hand and ready to go for breakfasts.

Lunches will be leftovers from previous meals, plus I plan to have salad several days.  I am 'salad hungry' lately. :)

I had a dinner menu jotted down for this week, but I changed it last minute.  Sunday was a glorious, beautiful day, so Husband soaked some hickory and fruit woods and grilled chicken, turkey and ribs on the charcoal grill.  We ate some on Sunday, but we have lots left.  I will freeze some of the excess, but I want to work some of it into this week's menu as here is the dinner menu for this week!

turkey legs - smoky and delicious
M -  smoky chicken barbecue sandwiches, steamed broccoli, sliced apples
T -   lasagna bake, salad, garlic toast, smoothies
W -  smoked turkey, rice, mixed vegetable stir fry
R -   taco salad, chips and salsa
F -   cheesy chicken-potato casserole, slaw, sliced apples
S -   steak on the grill, baked potatoes, steamed broccoli, whole wheat brownies
S -   barbecue chicken pizza (we didn't get to this last week), carrot & celery sticks

ribs - yum!
Snacks will be popcorn, fresh fruit slices, fresh vegetables sticks, muffins, and crackers w/cream cheese.  I will make infused water too - it is my new treat!

What's on the menu at your place this week?


  1. YUM! Your menu sounds so good and the grilled meats look wonderful!

    We pretty much have a breakfast schedule here. On Sundays we have pancakes, waffles or French toast. Monday through Friday are cereal days and Saturday is egg day whether at home or out.

    Lunches are sandwiches, chips, fruit or carrots and a muffin for hubby. He likes to have the same lunch everyday unless it is really cold and he takes soup or he will take leftovers if there is something he really likes and is easy for him to manage at work. I eat whatever strikes my mood or needs to go since it is only me here.


    Sunday-it was greeter week so we did our usual Hardee's burger day but we had a surprise when hubby pulled up the app to redeem for free burgers and found they have changed it to a BOGO coupon. I doubt we will do that again as our cost went from $3 to over $7.

    Monday-homemade mac and cheese with cubed ham, green beans, salads

    Tuesday-hamburger steaks, fried potatoes, sauteed cabbage, Caesar salad

    Wednesday-I may put a whole chicken in the crockpot so that I can get some cubed, cooked meat into the freezer or I may just do chicken breasts some way, scalloped potatoes, broccoli, salad

    Thursday-hamburger gravy over mashed potatoes, sauteed frozen French green beans and onions, salad again-we get tired of it but eat it every day anyway to get our raw greens

    Friday-soup from the freezer because we need to eat it up before it gets too warm, Caesar salad and breadsticks from last week that are in the freezer

    Saturday-homemade pizza, carrots and Ranch dip

    I may make an apple pie or apple crisp this week and I am going to prep my sweet potato casserole and freeze it for Easter dinner.

    Happy eating!

  2. Oh that grilled meat looks so delicious! Mine always ends up looking charred :)

    I posted by dinner menu for the week here: although tonight's plans have changed since Greg won't be here for dinner and we have lots of leftovers so we'll have a Leftovers Night.

    I don't plan breakfasts (kids eat cereal, I make scrambled eggs and toast for Greg, I eat quick oats with fresh or dehydrated fruit) or lunches (leftovers or sandwiches). As far as snacks I keep fresh fruit, yogurt, peanut butter sandwiches, whole natural almonds on hand for the kids. This week I'm planning on trying out peanut butter and jelly granola bars from a cookbook I downloaded for free. I'll also get 2 more free jumbo chocolate muffins from Racetrac on Wednesday, my son loves those for snack.

    I'm working on making menus through April. It's going to be a little harder to remain as frugal as we've been these past 2 months as I've used up quite a few items from the freezer and pantry and I'd like to vary the recipes that I cook so we don't get in a rut. So I think those menus will remain very flexible based on what deals I can get on meat and seafood in the coming weeks.

  3. Breakfast we had eggs and veggie pancakes mon and tues We always have cereal ,oatmeal yogurt and fruit
    if we want.
    Lunches leftovers, sammys or soup from the freezer trying to use that up.
    Dinner we have simple things it been over 90 here salad with beans or chicken. We had grilled
    steak sammys one night on our George foreman grill. Grilled chabata sp? bread wth cheese and avo. Beans over rice with cheese and sour cream from the freezer. Taco salad with black beans and corn, waffels,and some soups from the the freezer. Trying to eat things up from the freezer and not heat up the
    house.Your menu looks yummy.
    Have a blessed week,
    Patti from San Dego


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