Monday, March 23, 2015

Menu for the Last Full Week of March

Hello, Dearies!  This week is Spring Break in our neck of the woods (I mis-typed weeds, which is actually more accurate for the praire!).

We are having some rather nice weather, so we're working outside more, preparing for gardening and other outdoor activities.  There are some days we will be in town for special activities, Dr. appointments, etc.  I've switched to a Sunday to Saturday plan - I want to see if that works better for us.  Here is the menu plan for the week:

Breakfasts are mostly 'choice'.  This week we have:

hard boiled eggs
frozen blueberries
home-canned applesauce
fresh strawberries, apples, mango
eggs for scrambling or over-easy
peanut butter

Lunches are often leftovers from the day before.  If leftovers are not available, we can make:

macaroni and cheese, salad, fruit
bean & cheese burritos
pbj on multigrain bread, carrots & celery, apples

And this is the plan for Suppers:

S - beef broccoli with pan crispy noodles, fresh mango, applesauce cake
M - spaghetti w/meat sauce, garlic toast, zucchini saute', apple slices
T - white chicken chili (from the freezer), chips with guacamole
W - egg rolls (also from the freezer, I made lots last time), steamed rice, green salad w/Asian dressing
R - fish tacos, slaw, jello
F - leftovers - or - grilled ham, green beans, blackeye peas, hoecakes
S - black bean burgers, garden salad, apples

Finally, here are some ideas for Snacks:

dried figs and almonds
apples and honey roasted peanuts
cream cheese and crackers, juice
celery w/peanut butter
jam and bread


  1. Hmmm, eggrolls sound so good. Do you fry yours like Chinese eggrolls? How do you freeze them? What I'm really crazy is Vietnamese Spring Rolls with nuoc nam sauce (I think that's the way it's spelled... too lazy to look it up!).

    Spring Break starts on Friday for us. I'll be all by my lonesome because my daughter will be at her dad's and my son and husband will be visiting his parents. I told myself that I'll finish/work on a lot of projects so I'll need to really try to find the motivation to do them! It's rainy today... perfect time to be in the garden! I put my tomatoes in cages and made creative use of 2 pepper cages to try and corral my raspberry canes that were growing all over the place. The plants are loving the rain and I've placed plastic bins under the roof line to try and catch at much water as I can to keep everything quite hydrated during those already scorching days of March. It's been in the 90s here and I've gotten some nasty sunburns already.

    I posted my weekly menu here. There are links to all the recipes this week as well. I think I had forgotten to do that last time.

  2. Your menus always look so good!

    S-hamburger steaks, pan browned leftover boiled red potatoes, salad
    M-chicken tortilla soup from the freezer, salad, garlic bread sticks from the freezer
    T-out for dinner with our youngest for her 24th birthday (how did our baby get to be 24?????)
    W-one pan goulash, green beans, salad
    TR-sloppy joes, oven potato wedges, carrots and dip
    FR-leftover goulash, broccoli, salad
    ST-pizza, carrots and dip

    Not very exciting but many of hubby's favorites so he will be very happy this week. He would be even happier if I skipped all the salads! :)

  3. We are in recovery mode from a weekend of family and grandchildren. A good kind of tired!

    As the grandchildren were leaving they had their baskets of plastic eggs in their laps to play with in the van. Those baskets were 10 cents each and the eggs were in the box of Easter stuff in the attic. A few pieces of leftover candy and they were very happy kiddos yesterday.

    I was happy that I only had to buy three items for Easter dinner that I did not already have in my stockpile and 2 were produce items. I got free cottage cheese last week and some other deals that I cannot remember but only spent $24 on groceries total.

    Menus this week are leftovers today, turkey burgers, a ham and spaghetti casserole that will be one to eat and one to freeze and lasagna which will be wrapped and frozen in squares for future meals. Sat night is always pizza night and I just made a run to Sam's to restock the pepperoni and cheese which runs about $15 for eight pizzas. My crust is made in the bread machine so those are some really inexpensive pizzas. We will most likely pack a picnic dinner on Thursday nights and go to free music downtown this summer.

    Hope you all have a good week!


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