Thursday, March 12, 2015

Look What I Made!

Now that the craft room is organized and functional, I plan to spend some time in it.  This week I did a little paper crafting.

I made two bookmarks, for no particular reason....

Here are some cards that I made to help welcome springtime:

They are all made with the same elements - I punched and riveted flowers onto squares, then used the lace punch to make the yellow trim....and used inks that matched the paper pieces.  

I love that they are cheerful and bright, and that the colors are limited.  As much as I (often) want to use lots of different colors, I'm also enjoying a more limited color range.

These photos are not the best, unfortunately.  The paper is all bright white, even though it has some bluish tint in the photos.  (Sorry!)

I intend to spend a little time 'making' each week, and I'll share things here - maybe you'll find an idea you can use, if you're a person who enjoys making things. 


  1. Your cards are gorgeous! I love the shade of green that you used.

    I'm not crafty at all (no creativity and no patience, my projects tend to turn into something messy with fingerprints all over them!) so I really admire people who are. I do like buying craft supplies though, pretending that one day I'll make a scrapbook or jewelry, and I have a lot of them for someone who actually does NOT do crafts, lol. When the kids were little, they spent hours discovering what what in the "craft drawers" and I like to think that my daughter turned out to be artistic (she paints and draws) because of those opportunities. She still forages through my craft drawers once in a while, although she has her own artistic supplies nowadays.

  2. Thanks, Nathalie - you are very kind. I like to make things. I make soap sometimes, and I enjoy stamping/papercrafts, jewelry making and sewing/yarn crafts. Others too...when time allows! I think that when kids ge a chance to explore it helps them find new ways to create. :)

  3. Cute! I have not done anything crafty for many years. I am wondering lately if I miss it and want to start again.

    1. I feel like I'm coming back to it after time away, and I'm really enjoying it. I can tell I'm rusty, but hopefully things will improve with some time and effort. :)


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