Monday, March 9, 2015

Menu - Second Week of March

I decided to do a little more planning for the menu this week.  I often just plan supper, make breakfast foods as they are requested, and lunch is leftovers or something simple.  This will still be true to some extent....but I want to make sure I have some breakfast options on hand, since we have some early days this week.  Here is the plan:

We have a couple of Hormel 'Rev' wraps that we got free to try - they are the breakfast ones, so they can be warmed up and eaten.  I made blueberry muffins too, and we have plenty of fresh fruit on hand that can accompany either of these choices.

I'll make some roasted potatoes to be used at breakfast.  They can be heated in the microwave in the time it takes to scramble an egg or two.  I made sure some bread was sliced, just to save steps if someone wants toast.

I'll make oatmeal if it's requested, and it can be topped with frozen blueberries or fresh fruit and toasted nuts.

There is yogurt that can be sweetened and topped with fruit and granola.

Daughter and I will be in town two days at lunch time, so I will be packing sandwiches, fresh fruit, vegetable sticks and some lemonade or fruit punch.

On the other days, we can warm up supper leftovers, make PBJ or fix something simple like mac and cheese and a salad.

loaves of sesame topped multigrain bread, fresh from the oven

M - cheese enchiladas, Mexican rice, green salad
T - fried chicken, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetable stir fry
W - Spam/vegetable fried rice, sliced apples
R - grilled chicken pasta w/garlic, Parmesan, broccoli and carrots, salad
F - leftovers/dinner out/try something new
S - hamburgers on buns, potato salad, apples
S - barbecue chicken pizza, carrot & raisin salad

peanut butter and/or jam on bread
fresh fruit - bananas, apples, strawberries
carrot and celery sticks, cucumber slices
peanuts, almonds and cashews
applesauce cake, if I have time to make it


  1. I don't plan breakfasts or lunches either. My kids like their cereal for breakfast (my daughter will only eat Special K though and not the generic kind so I try to stock up when I can combine a good sale with coupons and ECBs at CVS), Greg just switched from Grape Nuts to scrambled eggs (easy to make) and a piece of toast with honey. I like quick oats with some dehydrated or fresh fruit. For lunches, Greg and I eat leftovers and the kids pack sandwiches, fruit and some kind of a treat (crackers, granola bar...). I always have fruit available on the kitchen table for snacks (bananas, apples, grapes, and whatever other fruit is in season) and I keep whole natural almonds in the fridge for my daughter who likes to snack on them and hard-boiled eggs for Greg. He and I are avoiding sweets so my baking has greatly reduced in 2015 because we have no willpower! I still bake pumpkin chocolate chip bread for my son, but I freeze it in half loaves and defrost them as needed.

    I posted this week's menu here

    I'll be using your chicken seasoning (I call it the Ten Things Farm seasoning) to roast some chicken breasts this week, yum, yum, yum!

    1. I went over to your blog and have to say, but I may have another time, that we are from Lake County, FL. We both grew up in Leesburg and graduated from Leesburg High. My sis still lives in Fruitland Park but we have been gone for over 21 years.


    2. Nathalie, I sprinkled that seasoning blend on some turkey steaks (I cut boneless, skinless turkey breast across the grain into 'steaks'), then grilled them. It adds great flavor! (So did the barbecue sauce, cheddar and crumbled bacon - yum!)

      Hard boiled eggs would be a good idea this week too - thanks for mentioning them! :)

  2. Ha! It is so true that slicing the bread saves time. My husband will only slice if it is an absolute, dire necessity.

    1. Well, I am thinking that it saves us all a little bit of time - one less step? Some days, you need those few extra seconds here and there to accumulate! :)

  3. Your bread and muffins look so good... Your menu sounds like a great week.. i agree slicing the bread ahead of a great time saver..


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