Thursday, March 19, 2015

Look What I Made!

That's got to be just about the goofiest title for a post.  If you have a better idea (surely, you must!) please share it so I can embarrass myself a little less!

It's been a pretty crafty week.  I've been invited to a baby shower next month, so I made this:
baby blanket - purple and furry on one side, soft gray jersey on the other
and this:
The colors match better (between the blanket and the hat) in person than in the photos. :)

And a card.....


I hope the mom-to-be likes them.

I had picked up some Dollar Tree solar lights to try this cute project.  It turns out that Dollar Tree solar lights are the teeniest bit smaller than the opening of an old blue mason jar, so I cut a piece of black cardstock and hot-glued it to each solar light, to make the whole thing work.

As soon as the hot glue was cooled, they were ready to go.  I love these, because they don't alter the jar in any way, so they aren't diminishing them at all.  These are fun night lights in my kitchen - I've enjoyed them a lot!

These glow quite nicely...but don't photograph very well....

I made a cute little something for a cute little someone's Easter basket, but I don't want to spoil the surprise.....

Now that the upper piece is repaired, these two pieces fit together....

I also used a little glue to repair this pumpkin cutout.  The upper piece had cracked near the center, but with some Elmer's glue and time, now it's good as new. this!  I will put it in my fall decoration bin for next season.
Well, that's about it, from my craft table to yours!  I hope you're finding time and inspiration to create something too!


  1. Everything looks great! I am wondering where I could use the solar lights too with my super shady property in the summer.

    1. Lana, you are very kind - thank you! You could try the solar lights as-is, and if they are able to get a charge for you, then you just pull down gently on the stem and the top copes loose from it (if you want to make the mason jar lights). They have come down greatly in price, so it might be worth a 1-2 light experiment. Mine are indoors, and they re-charge on the windowsill during the day. :)

  2. Thanks for the great ideas...You are so crafty...Everything looks so amazing...I think I'm going to try the solar lights, they look awesome!!...Thanks again, for sharing!!...:)...


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