Monday, September 8, 2014

This Week's Menu Plan

I made this Amazingly Easy Irish Soda Bread last was tasty!  Next time,
I won't slash the loaf quite so deep!
We have several things from the garden to work into the menu this week - green beans, zucchini, kale, zucchini, chard and zucchini!  I will make some zucchini bread this week!  I have a fairly standard zucchini bread recipe, plus a lemon-zucchini bread that's good.  I call it 'citrus' bread.  Daughter assumed the green flecks were lime zest, and I'm not correcting that any time soon!  I modify it a bit for altitude, and I don't glaze it, because it's quite good on its own.

I've been washing the kale (remove the rib down the center) and tearing it into pieces about
2 inches in any direction.  Toss with oil, Real Salt, toasted garlic powder and
smoked paprika, then dry in the dehydrator.  It makes tasty, healthy chips for snacking!

We don't do a lot of planning for breakfast, though if I make zucchini bread, it will probably be offered for breakfast with a fruit smoothie.  There is also cereal, sliced pumpkin bread in the freezer, eggs, cream cheese, bread for toast, peanut butter, yogurt, fruit, etc.  Lunches are generally leftovers from suppers or something quick and easy from the pantry.  Snacks this week will include fresh fruit, zucchini bread, popcorn, nuts and dried fruit and smoothies.  Here is our supper menu:

M - biscuits and sausage gravy, hash browns, green beans, apple wedges
T - fried chicken, sweet corn, pan-fried zucchini w/onion, crescent rolls, melon
W - chili with rice, carrot and celery sticks, canned pears
R - baked herbed turkey breast, steamed broccoli, au-gratin potatoes, peach cobbler
F - blt sandwiches, bean w/bacon soup, carrots and celery, apple wedges
S - nachos supreme, fruit smoothies
S - hamburger helper lasagna, saute'ed zucchini, fruit salad

To pull this off, I need to pick up a couple tomatoes.  Everything else is on hand!  Woot-woot!

Our 'eat out' this week is the fried chicken on Tuesday.  I make - honestly - the worst fried chicken.  Tuesday, when there is a special (1.19 for a leg and a thigh), Husband will pick up the chicken on the way home from work, and I will make the sides.

Planning the meals for the week really  helps me feel like I *have* a plan...and it saves me the day-to-day stress I used to feel when we didn't do this.  Family helps me plan, which means we all get input, too.  It helps us use the fresh stuff we have on hand while it is fresh, too.  What are you eating this week?


  1. I want to come for dinner tonight :)

  2. Your bread looks great! Is it made gluten free? Our oldest daughter is not eating gluten right now and I have no idea what to feed her when she comes over to visit.

    We ended up with two free pizzas last week and I don't want to eat pizza for a bit now. My menus got all mixed up because of the pizzas and I tried a new recipe for chicken and rice with sausage which fed us for three meals even though I cut the recipe in half. So we are going to regroup and begin again.

    M-hamburger steaks, fried potatoes, corn and salad
    T-grilled pork chops with Greek seasoning, Zatarain's red beans and rice mix, green beans, coleslaw
    W-Burritos, chips and salsa, watermelon
    TR-free concert at the library, packing picnic supper-chicken Caesar salads, brownies
    F-salmon ( I got 4 free boxes of frozen salmon entrees for two with a tomato bruscetta topping free with coupons) yellow rice, broccoli, salad
    ST-we pretty much always have homemade pizza-we'll see how we feel about more pizza by then-we could grill some turkey burgers instead
    SN-turkey breast that needs to get out of my freezer, mashed potatoes and gravy, fried cabbage, salad

    I make fairly good fried chicken but I hate the mess! Our DIL's family does frying like that on the side burner of their grill to take the mess outside. Maybe I will try that but I am with you on letting someone else just do it for me.

  3. There will be plenty, Michelle! :)

    Lana, it's not a gluten-free bread. That experiment is over. We did gf for quite a while, because a family member was having symptoms that looked like it was required. It never helped that much...and after some definitive testing, it was confirmed that that is not our 'final answer'. :) I have the same thing happen to me that happened to you - either we end up with enough leftovers that we don't get to certain meals or some new recipe that says 'serves four' would serve four teen boys, and we have to adjust. Still, it's nice to have a plan in place, I think. :)

  4. I am glad to hear that you are not having to do gluten free anymore! I know that our daughter's gluten problem can be taken care of but not while she is nursing so we need to make adjustments for the time being. I would hate to approach a week without a menu in place. That means brain dead 4 PM and does not result in supper!

  5. I have starting menu planning for the last 6 weeks, I find I am less grumpy at dinner time and the kids are thrilled to know to expect for dinner. Win Win right. :D

    1. I love having it figured out...even if we end up straying from it sometimes! :)

  6. followed your link from Brandy @Prudent Homemaker. I discovered this recipe for baked 'fried' chicken a couple of years back, it is THE best chicken and almost impossible to mess up. The recipe calls for BS chicken breast but I use legs and thighs, and it comes out perfect. I usually bake 8 pieces, 4 each, plenty of coating mix for that. Hope you give it a try!

    1. Thank you! I'll have to give it a go.

  7. I can't wait to try the soda bread recipe. Thanks for the inspiring posts. I found you on Brandy's blog, too.

    1. I hope you like it, Linda. We thought it was biscuit-like in texture. I made half a recipe, and therefore a smaller loaf, so that it wouldn't have time to dry out or get stale. :)

  8. I seem to be late reading this one. We add zante currants (dried, in a box by raisins) to our recipe, very similar to yours. I sprinkle sugar on it too, we eat it more like a coffee cake or dessert, I guess, in most instances. So good with butter.


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