Monday, September 29, 2014

Menu - End of September, Beginning of October

It's getting cool enough for hot drinks.  This week I made some brewing chocolate...mmmmmm.

I'm late sharing this, because it's been that kind of busy around here.  If anyone ever tells you puppies are easy, don't believe them!  (No one said that to me, by the way - I'm just warning you that housebreaking and training a puppy is very time consuming work!!!)

My first ever attempt at baba ganoush turned out tasty!

Still, the humans around here need to eat.  Here is the plan:

M - dinner out  (If this sounds fancy to you, please know it is $1 Big Macs, and possibly some chicken nuggets, at McDonalds.)

T - spaghetti w/bolognese sauce, sautee'd zucchini, homemade rolls (I hope) w/herbed oil, pears

W - shoyu turkey, rice, kimchee, carrots w/ginger glaze, plums

R - corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, peach cobbler

F - grilled chicken salads, fruit salad

S - tacos, chopped salad, refried beans

S - pizza, carrots and celery w/ranch, fruit salad

I need to make the rolls, some kimchee and some popcorn for snacking.  I have a request from Daughter to make blueberry muffins as well.  On Monday I made a quarter batch of a puppy treat recipe.  I'm calling it Puppy Pie Crust, because it has a texture that reminds me of pie crust.  Taffy loves them.  I made them very small, because we are using them to train her to come when she's called, and also to sit.  They were easy to make, ingredients I had on hand, and really affordable.   I'll try to share the recipe later this week.

Puppy Pie Crust!  (homemade puppy treats)
What's on the menu at your place this week?


  1. We are heading to the lakehouse around 4 o'clock this afternoon so my week is around that.

    M-We ate up leftovers from the weekend in preparation for being out of town. I had about 4 cups of smoked turkey left so I mixed that with BBQ sauce and put it in the freezer.

    T-Little Pigs BBQ-a going to the lake tradition. We always stop there on the way. YUM! I have a BOGO coupon and we will have enough left for lunch on Wed.

    W-steak on the grill, baked potatoes, green beans, salads

    TR-lunch out at our favorite Mexican restaurant-BOGO coupon-great deal
    supper will be hot dogs on the grill, frozen FF and salads

    FR-white bean turkey chili from the freezer. We have blue grass concert tickets that night and there is free craft beer sampling and pizza before for a CD release party. I figured soup would give us a light meal and then we could still do some sampling.

    ST-Salmon, boxed rice mix, frozen veg-whatever ends up in the cooler when I pack it, salads

    SN-free Hardee's burgers on the way home, will use a $1 off lg fry coupon too, it will be 96 cents with water to drink

    Have a good week!

  2. I don't make a plan, other than thinking about it in my head, nothing committed to paper. We had leftovers last night of spaghetti and meatballs and bean enchiladas and rice, our dinners from Fri and Sat. Tonight we had salmon puff (an old Betty Crocker recipe), baked potatoes and squash and apple crisp. I know tomorrow we are having tomato soup with rice ( left from Sun shish kebab dinner) and grilled cheese because we will eat early when I get home from work . Since daughter will be cooking this dinner will be ready quickly. It is back to church for us for youth activities...she's an AWANA worker and I have the library open. I have ideas to use what's in the fridge and our garden vegetables. It always works out. I do like reading others lists though .


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