Monday, September 15, 2014

Dinner Menu for This Week

Chili with garnishes kept us warm on a cool day last week.  

Hello, Dearies!

We are seeing some amazing sales on apples - Gala and Granny Smith are both on sale for .48 a pound right now.  I have looked, and we really do not need applesauce or apple butter for the coming year, but I bought a lot of apples for fresh eating and possibly a pie.  We have cooked turkey breast for sandwiches, plus I cubed some for the fondue and shepherd's pie.  I put it in the freezer to keep it from getting too old in the fridge.  Here is the dinner menu for this week:

M - dinner out
T - cheese fondue with cubed cooked turkey, toasted bread, steamed carrots and broccoli, cubed apples
W - tuna-noodle casserole, glazed carrots, sliced apples
R - zuppa toscana, Italian bread, prune plums
F - grilled chicken cesar salads, waldorf salad
S - homemade burritos supreme, chips with homemade salsa, fruit smoothies
S - turkey shepherd's pie, sliced apples

I plan to try an English muffin bread recipe and a baked oatmeal recipe this week.  I'll be popping some popcorn and probably making some sort of snack bar for lunches and lunch boxes.

What are you cooking?  I hope you have a tasty week!


  1. I did a turkey breast for Sunday dinner so we have some turkey eating to do.

    M-Turkey and White Bean Chili-our favorite soup-I will make a double batch using broth I made yesterday with the turkey skin and bones and freeze 6-8 containers for another day. Some type of bread and watermelon Any turkey left after chopping 4 cups for the soup will go into the freezer. The link for the soup in case anyone is interested-

    T-leftover turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy from Sunday, steamed broccoli, salad

    W-grilled Italian sausages with peppers and onions, baked potatoes, grilled zucchini, grilled garlic bread

    T-concert night at the library-taco salads, chips and salsa and cokes

    F-our 2 yr old grandson is spending the night so I will prep mac n cheese early in the day since he likes to empty kitchen cabinets while I cook and serve it with green beans and a salad prepped early for the adults-little guys favorite meal

    S-homemade pizza night with raw veg and dill dip

    S-we will eat free burgers out using hubby's Hardee's check in app points, I will print a $1 off a large ff coupon from their Facebook page and we will share plus two senior drinks which is lunch out after church for about $2.25. We do this on the Sunday that we have to be at church way early to be greeters. By the time 5 weeks roll around to our turn again we have enough points to do it again.

    Happy cooking everyone!

    1. yummy meals.. What a great deal with Hardee's..[My favorite hamburger place too].

  2. Love your meals.. Planning my meals sure makes it easier to stay on track with my budget.. I found your blog through Brandy's blog.. Enjoying looking around. Judy


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