Monday, October 27, 2014

This Week's Late Menu Plan, and Trim Healthy Mama

I'm late with things this week.  Here is our dinner menu, with some notes about how I will (or won't) adapt meals for myself.  See, I went and read that book, Trim Healthy Mama, and I'm giving it a go.  My main goal from now until the end of October is the giving-up of soda, but I also intend to be fully 'on plan' beginning in November.

Let me just say - if you haven't read the book, there is a bit here that won't make any sense.  That's okay.  If you've read it, you may have some pointers for me, which I will be most grateful for!

Here's the plan:

M - meatballs w/gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, lingonberry sauce
Potatoes are not on plan, ever.  That said, I can make this an E meal in the macro-nutrient sense (under 45g carbs and under 5g fat) if I don't go overboard.  My plan is to enjoy this off-plan meal, (it's not November yet!) but not go wild with portions. 

T - monster hotwings, celery and ranch oven fries/zucchini fries, garden salad
My 'monster' hotwings are turkey wings that I'll roast in the oven  until they are cooked and have crispy skin.  Husband and I will have them with hot wing coating, Daughter will likely have barbecue sauce.  They get potato fries, I get zucchini fries, so this is an S meal for me.

W - rotisserie chicken (Costco), quinoa, waldorf salad
This is an E meal.  I can have a little quinoa and waldorf salad here (the recipe for the salad is in the book) and white meat chicken, no skin.  

R - spaghetti w/sauce (Italian sausage in the sauce), salad, cheesy breadsticks
I opened this jar of sauce (to make a lunch for Husband) and it is one of those 'three cheese' sauces, which has romano in it, which I just can't eat.  My plan is to have an S meal - the salad, likely with some chicken from the day before, and some of the breadsticks, which are made with an S recipe.  I don't normally want to have a different meal, but I wouldn't eat this sauce under any circumstances, so I'm cool with it.  

F - pizza, vegetable sticks, dip, apples, halloween candy
If there are leftover cheesy breadsticks, they will be my pizza, or I might try making a crust - either way, this would be an S meal for me.  I'll be skipping the apples and halloween candy, but I have some pb skinny chocolate in my freezer that I made.

S - tuna salad sandwiches (or salad), pretzels, sliced oranges and berries
I'll make an S meal with tuna salad on a bed of greens with celery, cheddar and a bit of chopped tomato.  I have strawberries and blueberries I can have as dessert.

S - enchiladas, Mexican rice, green salad
Corn tortillas are not 'on plan', but I am probably having a couple here, filled with a leaner (turkey, onion, tomato) filling and topped with homemade enchilada sauce.  That and a green salad with a light dressing will make an E style meal for me, even with the off-plan tortillas.  I simply cannot justify $3.49 for 8 low-carb tortillas when I can get 90 corn tortillas for $2.50  I don't think this will 'ruin' the week, so I guess we shall see.

Other Meals on Trim Healthy Mama

This is Good Girl Moonshine.  It's growing on me.  Sorta.

For breakfasts I am trying out different things - S breakfasts like an omelet with mushrooms and cheddar, and E breakfasts like a slice of toast with cottage cheese, a whole apple and a strawberry-cottage cheese smoothie.  I'm writing stuff down as I go so that once I get a few I like, I can just mostly stick with them, for the sake of simplicity.  

This is an E breakfast - 45 net carbs, less than 5g. fat, and plenty of food.
Lunches, I seem to want E - lean turkey on sprouted bread or one of the E breads from the book, sliced cucumbers or a salad with light dressing, some fruit.  I may try a smoothie one day, and if there is a day with an E breakfast and supper, I'd probably do an S lunch.  I bought a big container of mushrooms at Costco, which could fit in either type of meal, depending on how they're cooked and what they're served with.  I am definitely still learning and figuring all this out!

An S lunch - salad with cheddar and ranch, deviled eggs for protein, and dilly beans, just because.

Snacks are pretty easy, really.  They must have protein, so I think most of mine will be S - a few nuts or cheese cubes, maybe.  I also want to try the 'cottage berry whip' from the book, which is cottage cheese with some berries, whirled in the food processor (I think with some stevia), and I also have the skinny girl pb chocolate that I made, though it would still need some protein with it, I think.

So, that is the plan for this week.  What's on the menu at your home?


  1. You go, Laura! I haven't read the book so it is all Greek to me but it sure does sound like healthy eating. If you have trouble with cravings for sugar you may want to do some alfalfa capsules to get your body more alkaline which would help tremendously.

    I have to admit to not having made a menu yet. We are having pork stir-fry tonight and then a pork roast with mashed potatoes and gravy tomorrow night. The next night may be pork and noodles with the leftovers. We have a Living Social certificate for a local restaurant that needs to be used so maybe we will go do that one night. Sat night is always pizza night so I guess I do pretty much know what I am doing!

  2. Thank you, Lana! You are always so helpful when it comes to knowing about herbs, oils and all those things I'd love to know more about! Would a clover tea do the same thing?

    We don't always have a menu plan either...or we sometimes stray from the one we do have - I understand! :)

  3. Clover tea will not help. Alfalfa or one of those expensive green drink powders are your best bet. Alfalfa is pretty inexpensive and SO helpful and you won't have to gag down the green drink.


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