Sunday, December 27, 2015

Frugal Accomplishments for the Week of Christmas

To give the Santas proper height, I have some of them up on bits of
2x4 lumber....we are fancy like that! 

We, of course, hope you had a wonderful Christmas!  Ours was really nice - peaceful and restful.  Here are a few things we did this past week to spend less, save more and make do:

We did our usual things - the wood stove helped us stay warm and we used the drying racks to dry our clothing.

Husband changed the oil in the truck, which is more cost effective than hiring someone else to do it.  He and I also fixed a broken clip on the door lock of the car.  We used a small drill bit, some jewelry making wire from my craft room and about 5 minutes of our time, and it's as good as new!

Daughter has been home on winter break - I love having her home all day! herself entertained without spending a lot of money.  And no...this is not allowed.  At least she has her in a bin.

We took issue with a decrease in service and increase in price from our internet provider.  When we called, it was made clear that they didn't really have any way to restore either better service or a better price...and they were kind of apathetic about the whole thing.  So, Husband made a few phone calls, and we found a local provider who will give us a better plan than even the previous one (before they lowered the speeds) for less money.  The new company has high ratings, we will save $80 a year, there is no contract or term, and installation is free.

I completed some Pinecone Research surveys.

I purchased a few items that were on sale, such as avocados for .48/ea.,  broccoli crowns for .99/lb., pineapples for .98/ea. and romaine lettuce for .99/head.  We bought a few candy items after Christmas when they were half price - some chocolate cherries and blueberries and some M&Ms.

I got out my rubber stamps and some other things I had on hand, to made thank-you cards to use this coming week.

I had not purchased any gift wrap or supplies (bows, ribbon, etc.) for several years.  After this year, we were low on some things.  I purchased one roll of gift wrap on the 26th, when it was half price.  It is a large roll (200 square feet) and will last us for quite a long time.

About 6 weeks ago, I bought two 'aerogarden' hydroponic setups second hand.  Actually...I bought one for $10, and the lady gave the the second one because it was working intermittently.  This means I have backup parts of everything except the water pump, so I was thrilled!  I set up one of the pods with kale seeds, and used some liquid plant food I picked up free from the hazardous materials dropoff site.  I purchased the growing medium in a 50 pack on Amazon, which was less expensive than purchasing pre-loaded baskets (one of the kits came with a set of baskets).  If this works well, it will be a fun way to learn about plant growth, as well as a way to grow some greens in the cold months.  I'll share photos once we have some sprouts!

I decided that I needed a wee table with a shelf where I could put away my tiny office when I am not working.  We had the perfect table, but we were using it in our living room.  When I was down in the basement, I brought up a wood tray table.  It works fine in the living room, and freed up the wee table for me to use.  Ultimately I would like to get something a little nicer for the living room, but this will work for now, and I can search for a thrifted table that suits our needs.  Also from the basement, I brought up a basket to store my headset, pen, sticky notes and a few other small items I need frequently when I am working.  I am really happy with the way it is all coming together.

Well, that was our week!  How was your week?  What did you do to spend less, save more and make do?


  1. Hi Friend! Are you still with Pearson?

  2. Hi, Nilsa! I am acutally busy with something else at this time....more in a few days! It's super awesome. :)

  3. We are still trying to catch up with ourselves after a house full of company. All five grandchildren had a cold so guess what they gave Nana and Poppa for Christmas? We treated it with essential oils but are still dragging a lot. We had a great visit with the kids and grandchildren and grand dogs.

    The biggest savings would be packaging and freezing all the leftover food and it was a lot. Today I will make a vegetable ham soup to use up the ham bone which I often just throw away. It has been so warm that we have had the A/C on for several days. A/C is cheaper to run than heat so it comes down to saving money.

    Gas prices and many good deals on gas cards allowed us to give generously to a fund to buy a vehicle for our medical missionaries. Other bloated budget areas funded more charitable giving. This is a big reason for our penny pinching here. We are so blessed.

    I have left my window box of lettuce on the deck and the squirrels have been snacking on it but I am seeing new growth and wondering just how long it will go this year. I hope you have great success with greens inside. That would be wonderful!

    Have a good week!

  4. I use the 2x4 trick also! lol An inexpensive way to get the look I want. I don't feel like I was super thrifty last week. We put all of our Chistmas money into envelopes with the persons name on it. At the end there was a little bit of money left in almost all of the envelopes. The total left was $19 and change. I was quite surprised it was that much!

    Wishing you a wonderful week!

  5. I love getting the after Christmas wrapping paper sales. I like to get the plain paper that works for birthday and everything else so it gets used for the whole year. I bought a ton years ago and I am still using it. I am so horrible at moving things around the house to use in different areas after I have already put them in place. I am trying to be better to use what we have and rearrange the house to use things that we already have!! Even if it wasn't the best fit, it was the free fit :) Great job!


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