Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Stay Safe with Bright Lights!

I love our car.  It gets great mileage, it has been very reliable, and it is just the right size for our family.

Every now and then, though, the hard, clear covering over the headlights gets a bit yellowed and cloudy.  I suspect that has an effect on how well the head lamps can shine into the darkness, and I'm certain it makes our car look a little older than it has to look. So...this is how I fix it!

I got this at our county's household cleaners/hazardous materials drop-off site.  When people drop off items that are in the original container and still use-able, they put them on a shelf, off to the side, free for the taking, and so, when I saw this can of Brasso, I took it!  I start with clean headlights and just rub some Brasso on with an old rag, let it dry, and then buff it off.  It's just like waxing a car, but smaller and faster.

The results:

And...because I'm silly...both photos together, for comparison:

before (I know, you knew that!)

after (taa-daa!!)

I am really happy with the results, and it is a quick and easy fix!  If you don't have Brasso, there are other products that people have reported to work well, or there are kits you can buy in the automotive section of the store.  Have you polished your headlight covers?  What worked for you?


  1. We really need to do this on both of our old cars. I think there may even be some Brasso in the cabinet. Thanks!


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