Sunday, May 10, 2015

Dinner Menu for the Week

Well, I have a dinner plan for the week. It's vague in a few places, because I'm going to be checking to see what's on hand in the freezer. The freezer is really full right now, so things 'toward the top' have the best chance of landing on the table. It's a chest freezer, can you tell? We may have a change in plans late week, but I'd rather have something in mind, just in case.

S - taco salad w/meat (or lentils), cheese, tomatoes, chips, guacamole, salsa

M - barbecue turkey sliders, cole slaw, succotash

T - lasagna bake, asparagus, garden salad w/spinach&strawberries

W - bean burgers in pita, lettuce, tomato, cheese, carrot&raisin salad

R - burritos (meat/cheese or lentil/cheese), salsa, lettuce, tomato, calabacitas w/peppers added

F - waffle deliciousness of some sort - I have the book Will it Waffle waiting on the hold shelf at the library. Once I've seen it, I'll figure out what we want to try.

S - stir fry of meat, sauce, zucchini, peppers, onion, cabbage, carrots…. rice, kimchee, nori

I plan to make a batch of waffles too, and try putting some in the freezer to re-heat using the toaster (just like the ones we used to buy when I was a kid).  

Do you have a menu planned for the coming week?


  1. I have to sit down and plan for this week through next Tuesday. I want to be very careful about what I buy since we are leaving for 11 days on the 20th.

    I found that just toasting waffles made them really too brown and crispy and thought they did much better if I warmed them just a bit in the microwave first. My kids were happier with them cut into thirds so that they were sticks to dip in the syrup since they thought they did not like 'leftover' waffles. Us Moms have our ways around those things!

    1. I was already thinking that the waffles we used to toast from the freezer were quite 'pale'. I was planning to time the waffle iron and then maybe pull them out just a little early, and see how that works. Good tips, Lana - thanks! I like the idea of waffle sticks. :)

    2. You are right about freezer waffles being pale. I never tried taking them out early since they are generally pretty brown early on and are just cooking through the middle at that point. I hope you can figure it out! I never could.


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