Thursday, February 26, 2015

Schoola - Get some free or very low-cost clothing for kids (adults too, actually)

I just learned about a new site called Schoola - they sell new and gently used kids clothing, but some is for high school kids, so there are adult sizes there.  Right now they are offering a $15 credit when you register.  You might (or might not - it seems to be working for some, but not others) get an additional 25% off with the code HURRY.  Shipping is free, and there are items for as little as $3.  I was able to get Daughter three items for 59 cents out of pocket.  If you want to give it a try (there is no obligation to spend - you can place an order for less than $15 in merchandise and get your items free), go HERE.  Look for the 'join' button, along the top and a little right of center.

Happy Shopping!


  1. I have to warn you... I have placed 2 orders with Schoola and have been sorely disappointed in both. Each time I ordered clothing for a teen boy. With my first order, none of the articles ordered were the right size and one of the items wasn't even a teen clothing item at all, but a clothing item for a younger child. They refunded my money and issued me a $15 credit so I gave them another chance last week. I just got my 2nd package today. I had ordered 2 items (a shirt and a pair of jeans) for a teen boy, again. The jeans aren't in the package and there wasn't any notification that they were splitting the order. As a matter of fact the packing list shows both items and the tracking email they had sent me referred to "all of your items have been shipped in this order". The shirt, which I received, is a white, see-through, lady's button-down shirt. I ordered a white button-down oxford men's shirt (as printed on the packing list). I've tried calling them but they're slammed because of this latest promo so I've emailed them (AGAIN) but I won't be using them anymore.
    Those of you ordering clothing for younger children might not have those problems (the styles for younger children are such that it's easier to differentiate between boy and girl clothing) but if anyone is thinking of ordering for teens, I would stay clear of them :(

  2. I am really sad to hear this - and I hope it is not the norm. I will say that I posted this 'now' rather than after getting my items, because I don't know how long the promotion will last and I didn't want others to miss out. I had some problems with my order today, because I tried to pay with paypal and there was a glitch. I emailed two different emails and I called. They called me back about 11am, and I got two email replies today too. My issues were all resolved so far....but if I get the clothing and the items are not as described, well, that isn't going to do much good. I will keep y'all posted with my progress! Nathalie, do you want me to post the emails I used and the number I called? Perhaps they would be helpful if they are different contacts from the ones you've used.


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