Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Week Dinners

It's that time of year when things get fancy, isn't it?  Rack of lamb....pretty rice pilafs with fruit and nuts...glistening poached pears in a reduced balsamic.... at our house.

We eat fairly simple meals, even at the holidays.  That's not to say that I won't make a few treats (I made baklava last week!), but I really want to spend Christmas loving on my family.  So, with that in mind, here is our dinner menu for the week:

M - taco salads, fresh pineapple

T - ham steak, spicy apple chutney, mashed potatoes, carrots & cabbage, sliced apples

W - spaghetti w/marinara & Parmesan, steamed broccoli, sliced oranges

R - appetizers and treats!  This has become a Christmas tradition of sorts for us.  I take requests and I make ahead where I can.  We don't do a formal sit-down meal.  We are up very (very!) early, so I will make a simple breakfast whenever we are ready.  After that, all bets are off for meals -  we simply snack throughout the day.  Believe me, no one goes hungry!  This year's treats include homemade eggrolls and sauces, a couple of homemade (mini) cheese balls and crackers, sliced Muenster, buffalo chicken dip, a veggie tray, savory onion tart squares, jalapeno poppers with jalapeno-peach drizzle, sliced apples and caramel dip, sliced oranges and three kinds of cookies.  Mercy.  Because there are just three of us, I only put out a little bit of each thing.  It's kind of fun!

F - We are likely going out for lunch.  Supper will be assorted leftovers.

S - homemade biscuits w/homemade sausage gravy (I made the sausage too!), hash browns, eggs to order, green beans, sliced oranges

S - Asian style turkey lettuce wraps, fresh pineapple

What about you?  Are you making special family favorites?  Traveling to see family or friends?  What is your plan for this week?


  1. Our extended family gathered the 26th, so our 25th was low key. On the 26th, lunch featured meatball subs for the meat eaters (with homemade meatballs and sauce) and a lentil/kale/sweet potato pocket for me, with make-your-own spinach salads with homemade croutons, spiced pecans and other choices. We had three kinds of cookies, and various chips. After eating, we played games together in shifting groups--adults and children together--for the rest of the afternoon. It was not a traditional holiday meal, but was a great day with the focus being on enjoying being with each other.

    1. It sounds like lots of fun! Merry Christmas to you and your family. :)


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