Friday, August 15, 2014

This Week's Frugal Accomplishments

Happy Friday!  I'm kicking off the weekend with some of our frugal accomplishments from this past week. Hopefully, they will give you ideas for ways to save more, spend less and make do with what is on hand.

I picked our first two zucchini and some green beans from our garden.  We had some hail this week, but most things were still OK.

We dug trenches and buried drain lines from our gutters to areas where trees are planted, so that the water will help water those trees.  We used large river stones that we had on hand to make rock runs and rock pools for water flow and drainage.  Doing the labor saved us a lot of money compared to hiring the work done.  The day after we completed the work we had a major downpour, and everything functioned just as we had hoped it would.

We made a supper menu for the week to help us use what we have on hand and be a little better organized.  On nacho night, I added a bit of leftover rice to the meat to stretch it a bit.  I did a fair amount of scratch cooking and we used items we had on hand combined with fresh foods we grew or got on sale.

I made peach-pecan granola on a cold, rainy day.  It helped warm the house a bit, plus it re-stocked our granola supply.  Yum!  I also made a batch of peach jam, some of which will be used for Christmas gifts.

I took a survey online.  As a thank-you for participating, they sent me a $15 Petco e-gift card.  Hello, cat food aisle!

We went to a library program called Lego Mania.  We met friends there for a fun, free afternoon.  The library has a large stock of Legos.  The children create with them, and those creations are on display in the children's area for the next week or two.

Kohl's sent me what is essentially a $10 gift card.  I found a 6-pack of socks for Husband, on sale for $10.50.  There was also a 15% off coupon, so even with tax, I only had to pay 45 cents for the six pairs of socks.

We went to a minor-league baseball game a week or so ago (thanks to our friends who gave us tickets!), and on the way out of the stadium we were given two scratch-to-win tickets for Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill.  We won falafel and pitas, so last Sunday, lunch after church was only $2 that I spent for a soda, mostly because I felt strange about not buying anything.  We ate our fill and had leftovers. The best part is that a family that we know from church came in right as we sat down.  We sat together and the children ate and played whilst the adults ate and visited.  It was so nice! :)

I have been avoiding the craft supply stores (because I have plenty at home to use) but I needed a certain type of earring post.  I used coupons to get what I needed for 40% off regular price.

Husband transferred a prescription to K-mart's pharmacy, which earned him a $25 gift card.  In our area, K-mart's prices are not as competitive as some other stores, but $25 in free merchandise is still great!  He stocked us up on toilet tissue and peanut butter.  Both were on sale, and we still have some money left on the gift card.

I've been casually looking for a couch.  I ended up with a clean, comfy couch that a lady needed gone so she could receive her new furniture she had ordered.  Feeling very blessed!  My dear friend Kelly came and helped me with room arrangement.  This couch is half-again larger than the love seat that we had in our living room, but now, the room feels larger than it did before!  Heartfelt thanks to Kelly for sharing her 'design eye' with me - heaven knows I need it!  Heartfelt thanks to my neighbor Terry as well - he saw my truck backed up to the front door with a couch in it (I couldn't unload it by myself) so he pulled in and asked if it was on the way in, or on the way out - then helped me get it into the house.  I'm surrounded by angels.

We stayed close to home this week - not a lot of running around, and the running around we did was close to home.

I hung sheets and larger items on the clotheslines outside, and dried the little stuff on a rack in the basement.  We use homemade laundry soap too.

Did you have a frugal week?  What sorts of things helped you spend less, save more and make do?


  1. I'm so glad to see you back blogging. I'll post my frugal stuff later in the evening of today.

  2. I am glad you are posting this again!

    I planned menus for the rest of August on Monday of last week and that is always a money saver here because it makes me think through and look at what needs to be eaten.

    We vacationed for 5 days at our lake house which we own in partnership. We paid cash for our share 14 years ago so it only costs us $480 for 4 weeks every year. We gave the first part of the week to some friends who really needed to get away and had not money to do so. We ate out 7 meals while we were gone and only spent $40 so we did well. Two were at sit down restaurants and that included tips too! We used coupons and certificates. My husband has the Hardee's app on his phone and earns points for checking in. He passes one morning and afternoon near where he works so we can frequently go for free burgers and they are so good. I bought hubby a rash guard shirt half price from Land's End before we went. We use Vanicream sunscreen which is pricey so this shirt will pay for itself quickly in less sunscreen use besides the fact that he hates sunscreen all over him.

    While we were away we shopped some really good thrift stores and one was 50% off the entire store! They have a really great 25 cent clothing bin so those items were 2 for 25 cents! I have no idea what determines what goes there and what goes on the rack but the items I bought were in good shape and good labels like LLBean and Gymboree.

    I bought all of the needed items to refresh our guest bath. I shopped an outlet store near the lake house and only spent $35 total. I bought things that will go with the existing paint and pictures on the walls. I was very happy to be able to do this for so little. It has been 13 years since I last did this bathroom so it is time!

    I harvested some peppers and tomatoes from my container veggie garden. My grape tomato plants are loaded with green tomatoes.

    Your 'new to you' couch looks great!

    Have a good week!

  3. Very nice blog. I read your post on Brandy's blog and came over here. Where are you located? ('whilst' gave me a clue it's not the U.S.)

  4. Terri, it's good to see you here! Looking forward to reading your frugal ideas!

    Lana, I so enjoy reading about all the things you do - thanks for sharing!

    Lulu, I am actually in Colorado. I read a lot, and sometimes the vocabulary gets 'in', hee hee!

  5. I also came over from Brandy's post, Just wanted to say menu planning has really helped a lot here as well, and I also read a lot, downloaded a new bunch of free Nook books, and some after reading I can let my teen read. Love my Nook, hundreds of free books I can enjoy and not have cluttering my already full house:D

  6. Free is definitely the best price when it comes to furniture. Love those blue Ball jars!

  7. I do my round-up on Fridays usually on my blog, but admit that today being grocery day, my mind has been running. I double checked figures on one item today before we left for shopping and discovered it wasn't the deal I'd initially thought. What I haven't been doing regularly: checking the online Aldi ads. They don't do huge sales but they do have specials and I realized I am missing stock up opportunities while prices might be lower on items we use often. I need to get on top of that!


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